Four-Seam Pillowcase Pattern

This four-seam pillowcase is one of my favorite projects because it’s EASY and produces beautiful results. The clever construction techniques encase the raw edges neatly in the seams leaving only the inner-most seam to be overlocked.

Not convinced that it’s EASY? With a little help from mom, my 12-year-old granddaughter whipped out a couple of these in Georgia Bulldog fabric as Christmas presents for her dad and brother.


Easy four-seam pillowcase made by my 12-yr-old granddaughter.

One little typo to note on the pattern. The first illustration says to put the “band fabric right side up.” This should read “band fabric right side DOWN.” The typed instructions are correct, but the illustration is wrong.

Click link to access FREE pattern (for personal use only). Four Seam Pillowcases

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